Crosman Ready to Play Airsoft Kit (2 Guns, Holsters, BBs and Speed loader)

By George

November 20, 2013

The Crosman Ready to Play Airsoft Kit comes with everything you need for fun and playing. The kit includes two spring powered airsoft guns, two holsters, BB’s and a speed loader. All you need is a place to play. The airsoft guns offers an adjustable hip up. The velocity is up to 325 Feet per Second. The holster allows easy access as it has a quick release buckle on it. There is also a storage pocket on the holster for carrying extra BB’s. A great kit at an affordable price.

1Crosman Ready To Play AirSoft Kit

Pros:2Crosman Ready To Play AirSoft Kit

  • Ready to play
  • Two guns
  • Two holsters
  • BB’s
  • Velocity of 325 Feet per Second.
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • And so much more…


  • Plastic parts
  • Jams occasionally
  • Empty looking rails


The Crosman Ready to Play Airsoft Kit is a well performing airsoft rifle. The velocity is up to 325 FPS. The handy holster allows for the airsoft pistol to access quickly. The fourteen round magazine allows for a longer shooting adventure. This is a great kit that allows two people to enjoy hours of shooting and fun.


Weight: One pound
Velocity: Rifle Up to 325 FPS
Velocity: Pistol up to 200 FPS
Magazine: 14 round clip
Flip up sights

Durability:3Crosman Ready To Play AirSoft Kit

The Crosman Ready to Play Airsoft Kit is made with some plastic parts, but the plastic parts are made with heavy duty plastic that is meant to handle all types of conditions. The spring forced action is affective and sends out a powerful force. The rifle comes with a flip up sight for accuracy and precise shooting. This kit is very popular and is purchased by families and avid airsoft rifle and gun shooters.

Best Use:

The Crosman Ready to Play Airsoft Kit is best used in anywhere safe that allows airsoft shooting. The kit comes with a Crosman Stinger R39 rifle and a Crosman Stinger R36 pistol. These are excellent for target and shooting practices. There is hours of fun that occur with the kit. You get everything you need when the kit arrives.


Both of the airsoft guns included in the kit are very light. They both weigh around one pound. The holster is also lightweight with easy access to the pistol. When you add the fourteen round magazine you still have a very lightweight pistol that is perfect for carrying.

Ease of Use:

The Crosman airsoft pistol and rifle are both easy to use. They are both spring powered, which allows for easy shooting. There is an adjustable hop-up on the rifle along with a scope for an accurate and precise shooting. Both the airsoft guns are great for beginners or experienced shooters.

Final Verdict:

The Crosman Ready to Play Airsoft Kit comes with a Crosman Stinger R39 airsoft rifle and a Crosman Stinger R36 airsoft pistol. It also includes the holsters, 500 BB’s and an easy pour speed loader dispenser. The price is affordable as it is under fifty dollars. Where can you get two guns and all the accessories for this price? The spring forced firing allows for quick and rapid firing. Accurate and precise shooting is available with the airsoft guns. An excellent kit for beginners and experienced shooters who want to incorporate a family or friend along for fun shooting.

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